An Experienced Consultant for Employee Benefits Issues

Employee benefits can be one of the top-line expenses in any organization. But who has the time to run a company and provide the necessary focus needed to make sure your plan is operating cost-effectively while remaining completely compliant?

Rockacy Benefit Associates have been specialists in compliance since 1984. We work to keep you and your employees current with the ever-changing ACA, IRS, and DOL legislation. Along with our strategy of multi-year planning and management of your benefits program, there are no surprises at renewal time. We don’t hide behind “smoke and mirror strategies” that may cut costs temporarily while guaranteeing dramatic increases in future years. We look for long-term relationships, clients, and strategic partnerships as a trusted advisor. There is no “quick fix” in the benefits world. We take the time to review your goals, your current plan, and your future expectations with regard to your specific company. Putting the time in now will save you time and unexpected expenses in the future.

Pamela Rockacy

As president, Pamela Rockacy has over 38 years of experience in the employee benefits field. She has worked extensively with health and welfare plans as well as retirement plan sales and administration. Pam and her staff orchestrate benefit sales and administration, compliance, contract oversight, and client relations.